Thursday 12 February 2015


North Aston Dairy has been supplying milk to surrounding villages and into Oxford since 2006, when the first three cows were bought and milked in a refurbished barn. The dairy now has 17 Ayrshire milking cows and several more young stock.

By selling high quality milk direct to customers it is able to finance two full-time and one part-time income.

The cows are milked 4 abreast and have a predominantly grass-based diet. When calves are born they are fed by their mother for around a week before being fostered onto a cow that is producing less milk. Male calves are killed to produce delicious rose veal after a diet of milk and grass/hay/silage at 6-9 months. Ayrshire female calves are brought up to come into the milking herd at around 36 months.

We deliver the milk late afternoon onto doorsteps in glass litre bottles. It is pasteurised but unhomogenized so has a lovely layer of cream on top. We also attend East Oxford farmers market every Saturday.

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